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Dried Vege
Dried Vege
Dried Vege

Most of the person can't resist the taste of chips right? But do you know chips high in calories and caused fattening? no worry, we have the healthier replacement for you! 

Dried Vege is a good choice for you and your family! And the taste is just like chips! Yummy yet healthier!! heart

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  • Best before: 3 months (sealed)
  • Storage: Recommend to put in cool dry place
  • Texture: crunchy 

Best before: 2 months

Storage: Cool dry place and sealed well after open



  • Best before: 2 months (sealed), if store well in fridge can up to 4 months 
  • Storage: Recommend to put in fridge once open 
  • *Please put in fridge for 1 hour before eat to enjoy the best crunchiness.